“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Want to Change Lives?

We are so excited for our upcoming auction with the Sutton and Collicot Families!  I can't begin to describe the incredible number and variety of items that have been donated. I have NEVER seen items like this offered in one auction!  Well over 100 BRAND-NEW items, all donated to benefit four orphans being brought home by three families.  

Here's a glimpse at some of the goodies: 

A brand new, in-the-box, no longer available in stores, American Girl doll!
Natibaby Wrap!

A RadianRXT car seat!  
CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW donated a complete set (books 1-42)!!

There's a Scout Zip Hammock from Hennessy Hammock!

THREE winners receive Universal sets of Math-U-See!

 THREE winners receive a complete set of Spelling You See!

Really, truly, there's something for EVERYONE in this auction!  Come take a peek at more of the items available at this link: Changing Lives Auction.  

Bidding will start on Nov. 1 and continue to November 15th.  I hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 25, 2015



We have a COURT DATE!

November 6!!!

That means (barring any unforeseen circumstances) our Hope will officially be our daughter! Praise God!
We are praying for a pickup date in early December....(OK...truthfully I am praying for the end of November......will you come alongside us in this prayer?) 
Details of pickup week in a future blog...but the typical time in country is ten days. 
We continue to fundraise for airfare and travel expenses. 
Stay tuned for an absolutely incredible AUCTION……It's one you WILL NOT want to miss!


The closer we get to redeeming our Hope the more time seems to slow to a crawl.
Maybe it's because we have felt her breath on our cheeks. ...Held her little body. 
Maybe it's because on the final visit she offered me her trust and laid her head on my shoulder .
Maybe it's because she so obviously needed a daddy.....and trusted him early on.
Maybe it's because we are painfully aware that one cold, a few missed feedings, a ng tube placed incorrectly, an impatiently rough caretaker....could literally be fatal for our fragile girl.

It is all we have.
I've been told it is all we need.  Still working on that.

To each and every one of you who has prayed, shared, donated...
Please know......we are humbly and eternally grateful.

FUNDRAISERS (yes....sorry but that's the reality of this adoption)

Our beautiful personalized Family Tree Giveaway....only SIX entries left!
Details on previous blogpost...just scroll down!

Various buy it now items on:

And.....incredibly beautiful crochet items at Hooked on Hope

God Bless you......thanks for caring.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Add to the Horton Family Tree!

Isn't this a lovely image? 

Imagine having one of your own, with your family's names!

Remmy & Co. is offering one personalized Family Tree to help the Horton's bring Hope home. 
It will be in the winner's choice of color schemes, and is 16"x20"! 

This will come ready to frame (frame not included) and hang in a place of honor in your home
OR gift to a loving grandparent!  

To enter this giveaway, just donate $10 to the Horton's FSPhttp://reecesrainbow.org/94973/sponsorhorton-3 

Send the receipt to this e-mail.

There will only be 10 paid entries allowed. 

Share this giveaway and send an e-mail notifying me you did to get a free entry.

One entrant will win a treasure and EVERYONE will be helping to add 
Hope to the Horton's Family Tree! 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Spinafit Benefit

As you may know, I am a spin teacher. One of my Spin friends, Trina Marshall, is hosting a Spinafit benefit for Hope!  She has 13 bikes available at her gym, most of which have been claimed (at $20 apiece), but is looking for Ghost Riders from around the nation to "ride" for Hope.  Anyone and everyone can Ghost Ride at this event, just by donating.  The in-person riders will be spinning away at 5AM on October 17th, but Ghost Riders can be snoozing away and still be supporting us! 

You can make a $20 donation by sending a check to Reese's Rainbow at P.O. Box 277, Morovia, MD 21770
Make note in the memo section: "Hope for the Hortons"
use our FSP: 

You can sign up for the benefit on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/699031260227484/
Let's see how many people we can get Ghost Riding on October 17th!   

We are hoping to hear news about a court date as early as next week, so watch for an update as soon as we can! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Praying, Longing....





All waiting (impatiently) for Hope to join us here at home. 

We are watching the clock tick and praying for her to stay strong.  

To survive a little longer.

Praying for a miracle. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Paperwork and Financial Update

A bit of an update as we move closer and closer to bringing our Hope home.

It seems almost unreal. 

We have been so focused on paperwork and funding that the thought of that piece of the adoption drawing to a close gives me goosebumps. To know that Hope will be loved and taken care of very, very soon is an amazing feeling.

It is hard to forget the feel of her in my arms....I was prepared, but never prepared enough to hold my starving daughter in my arms. To feel her little finger wrap around mine. To look into her huge, beautiful brown eyes and to know we were leaving her again soon.

We could not have done ANY this without the incredible support and love that has surrounded us…..it's kind of crazy to know that people we will never meet have lifted us up with prayers and donations. Talk about humbling?!
So...here's the scoop.

Paperwork update:

Our second stage documents have all arrived in country.
Our I-800 has been approved and processed at the National Visa Center. We received our Article 5 and the MOJ signature will follow in about a week... which triggers a court date (however that is the unknown.....it can take quite a while) which triggers a finalized adoption!


Between home study fees, USCIS fees, fingerprinting and apostilling, and mailings etc. etc., agency payments, attorney fees and trip # 1 fees we have spent approximately $20,846
With the incredible love and support of family , friends, Warriors, and lots of hard work we have raised $17,284...thankfully this number is quickly rising. 

We have one more agency fee of $2,000 due soon .
We then will have travel expenses for our pick up trip..... airfare (Don will stay home with our kiddos....however I will need to bring someone [praying a nurse or doctor will volunteer!] with me),  hospital stay in country, in country fees such as medical exams, passports etc. 
Bottom Line financially?
To "catch  up" we need another $3562.
Looking ahead we need another somewhere around $8,000
So if we could fundraise another $11,000-$12,000 in the next two months that would be a huge, huge relief. Therefore, our fully funded number is $24,034.
Sounds crazy? Yep...everything about this journey has been a crazy leap of faith.


Sweet Girl....soon.  Soon. Soon your chains will be gone.
We love you Hope.