“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sliding Into Home

So thankful for the incredible support shown to us as we slide into home plate with this adoption fundraising.

Seven months ago we saw (Victoria) Hope's photo.....

We inquired about her and found she was in the same orphanage that our Sophia had been in.  Here is Sophia's orphanage photo:

They are eleven months a part in age.  I often wonder if they were roommates....When I think that Hope was there...in her crib...and we probably walked past her ....that she stayed there for 2 1/2 YEARS before we even knew about her....when I think how many children, how many hurting people, we walk past every day....it overwhelms me.....

Seven months ago we KNEW we were to adopt (Victoria) Hope but it was our fourth adoption in less than three years and we were overwhelmed by the financial aspect. 
We look back over the past seven months and the support we have received is unreal. Your participation in the MULTITUDE of fundraisers has been so very humbling. It truly does take a village and it is abundantly clear that (Victoria) Hope is loved and supported by the BEST and most GENEROUS village ever!

Ongoing fundraisers are at Hooked on Hope, Hope's Boutique, Keep Collective, and Doll Faced Diva's Buy It Now Page.

Frankie Miller .....our family warrior has been with us every step of the way. Supporting, advocating, donating, sharing, praying, talking sense into me, crocheting....and crocheting some more.

We can never repay the generosity of so many .....but we can promise to not only embrace Victoria as our precious daughter but to pay forward the generosity you have shown us to other adopting families.

So where do we stand financially?

We are $2,583 from fully funded.
What?!  Seriously......That in itself is a true miracle!

Update.....Our Reece's Rainbow FSP needs to read $22,900 ......
We had a very successful auction and the proceeds were distributed to our personal adoption account....therefore our original goal 25,000 has been modified. Hallelujah!

In two weeks I will walk out those orphanage doors with Victoria in my arms.....we will have a long road ahead of us...but no matter what she will know she is loved and wanted and worthy.

I don’t know how much we will be able to post when we are in country, but updates and pictures will be available on our Facebook page A Family For Gary and Marnie and Hope.  I will also keep this blog updated occasionally, of course, but more will be posted there. Please follow along our continuing journey! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Please pray!

Hope's health is heavy on my heart. Please take a moment when you see this to say a prayer for her.  We're coming, Little One!  Hold on!

Monday, November 23, 2015

But First Let Me Take An Elfie

Have you been hearing Christmas carols at stores yet? I sure have. Thanksgiving is drawing near, and it is really starting to seem like the holiday season!  

Molly over at Tall Enough For This Rollercoaster had an excellent idea for ringing in the Christmas spirit AND helping bring Hope home

Let me introduce "But First Let me Take An Elfie"! 

The idea is simple. Challenge your friends to a simple and silly act and donate!  


1.  Post an elfie (selfie with an elf hat).  Elf hats are sold at grocery stores, dollar stores, and drugstores so no worries about not being able to find one.  If you don’t want to pay for it, take an elfie at the store =)
2.  Post a video of you singing part of your favorite Christmas Carol.   We know this option would make Buddy the Elf smile because the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!
After you post you picture or video you must call out THREE people to take on the challenge!  If your friends take on the challenge you must donate money which I will explain next (most important part so don’t stop reading)!!!
 Donation breakdown:
Friend posts an elfie: 5$
Friend posts a video singing their favorite Christmas carol: 10$
Friend posts a video singing a Christmas Carol in a public place: 15$ 
What could be funner or easier!  Get started today and let me know if you are playing.
Donate to Hope

But First Let Me Take An Elfie

Thursday, November 19, 2015



Twenty four days.

576 hours.

On the morning of December 14th I will walk out those orphanage doors and Victoria will be set free.

How can I be so busy.... yet that day seems so far away?!

I think it is that fear, that ever present pit in the stomach, that knowledge.... That there is the real possibility that 576 hours is too long for her to hold on.
So...time seems to drag, the days on the calendar seem to just sit there.
Yet....there are kids to feed, bathe, clothe, love, be silly with, read stories to. Homework to be done, Thanksgiving meal to prepare, Christmas gifts to buy. Recitals, concerts, competitions. 
Yes ....Victoria....we are busy as we wait. But you are always with us.
Yes, my almost eight year old girl....We have your stroller and your car seat (so thankful for friends who pass along such things) 

We have sweet jammies with snap fronts....as I learned from our adoption with Sophia that those work best in the hospital for access to ports and lines. We will be direct admitting when we arrive home on December 23rd....and our Children's  Hospital is two hours from our home....so I need to plan ahead.

Christmas in the hospital....must have something festive yet practical!

We have cozy blankets made with love . (Thank you Ms. H ...for loving ALL our children so well.)

We have teeny tiny diapers .....a huge supply passed on from a dear friend.

They do seem tiny......but then again

And so....
We wait
We pray
We cry
We laugh
Life goes on....
And we can't wait until you dear Victoria are part of it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The words are hard to find.
To know another precious child died.
Never having been told that she was loved. 
To never feel the heartbeat of her mother.
The soft breath of love on her little head as she slept on mama's chest.

But she WAS  loved. So loved.

She was loved by a mama who was working quickly to ransom her, a mama who's heart is broken today because her greatest efforts were not enough. Oh dear mama, I cry with you.

She was loved by me. We tried all we knew, took it as far as we could, to have her added to our adoption of Hope (Victoria) as we were well into the process and knew we could get there quickly. 
We were denied. Told that two children with such needs would not be possible. Not possible.
Instead she died.
I am saddened.
I am angry.
I am helpless.
...and I am frightened. Sick to my stomach-can’t breathe-frightened.
Because I know.
I know the building, I know the mindset, I know.
I know that it very easily could have been our Victoria (Hope).

I know that it STILL could be our Victoria.
Yes...the adoption is final. She is officially our daughter.
Our almost eight year old girl....our ten pound love. 
But we can't get her...not yet. There are still forms to be signed and hoops to jump through. Money to be raised.
We will take her from there Dec 14. ....and at that time a whole new set of concerns. Refeeding syndrome. Transatlantic flight.
Colds, flu, germs. So fragile, so very fragile, this daughter of ours.

I think back to our Sophia and of my ignorance and Gods grace.
She too was ten pounds .....she too was a few breaths away from death....and now? Now the most beautiful, joyful, incredible girl! 

I have no answers.
I have many questions.
I falter,
I waiver,
I weep at the injustice.
I feel hopeless.
So helpless.
.....but I do not want to live my life knowing.....I could have made a difference, and I turned away.

How about you?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Praises to the Lord!

Introducing our daughter......Victoria Ann Horton! 
Orphan no more. 
Loved and cherished.

Please pray for her health...it will be mid December before we go to get her. It is cold and flu season. Her little body has no defense for any illness.

Please pray for all those forgotten ones....Still waiting to be held and whispered to and told they are worthy and adored.
These sweet ones are just a few in ONE of the orphanages in
Victoria's country.....all available for adoption. Waiting. Simply wanting to be loved in a family

Please pray for funds needed for airfare and in country hospital.
We are not yet fully funded.

Thank you .......this would not have been possible without the incredible love and support we have received.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Prayer Request

Please keep Hope in your prayers, as I am concerned about her fragile health. We have court coming up on Friday, so we need you to lift us up as this crucial date nears. Thank you.

Also, the Changing Lives Auction is up and running.  Such incredible donations!  I am overwhelmed with how many people and companies donated!  Hope, Christopher, Sam and Ella, you are cherished!