“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Count Your Many Blessings

"Adoption experts and experienced parents always advise families to “cocoon” when coming home with adopted children — which basically means keeping your child’s world very small, predictable, and simple. There’s so much change for them to process, so much stimulation..…the less new stuff thrown at them, the better. And this includes people: A child’s ability to attach to new parents is much more easily accomplished when there’s no one else around to bond with." ~Zoe Saint-Paul

Sorry Sweet Victoria, Mom and Dad have failed miserably on all counts! 

Three different hospitalizations in three weeks.
Two doctors visits.
Three clinic visits.
Multiple multiple blood draws.
Inter muscular injections.
Hotels, airports, loooong flights...oh MY!

But you know what?
She KNOWS home....I can see it in her eyes. 
I can see it in the way her body relaxes. 
I can see it in the reduction of her "stimming"
.....isn't that miraculous?
This girl....this girl waited eight years for a family and by golly she is not going to waste a minute of that!

This last hospital visit was unexpected.  She had a fever that was difficult to break, and she was not "herself". That in itself was a hard call because we don't know her really well yet, but sometimes you just have to listen to mama-gut.
We brought her to the doctor and he felt it was best to hospitalize her.
We are not 100% sure yet but it looks as though she has some kidney issues and kidney scarring which may be caused by multiple untreated UTI 's or possibly a congenital issue.
She will be treated with low dose antibiotics and we follow up with nephrology at our children's hospital.
If all shows normal, then we continue to search for the cause of fevers and elevated white blood cell counts.

In addition to nephrology the next few weeks hold appointments for Neurology, as well Neurodevelopment and Shriners (yay...love Shriners)...and of course always the overriding goal of weight gain and feeding clinic.

We have yet to meet a doctor or nurse whose jaw does not drop when they learn our girl is eight...

Guess what though?  Our girl has a belly button now.  Ever so tiny...an indentation in her tummy! That means she has a little bit of fat.....enough to allow that little tummy to show a touch of that precious button. Praising God!

We are so blessed by this girl. Every single thing about her!


  1. Lauren, I've been following your journey from RR. you can see the light in her eyes now. praise the lord. thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. Lauren,

    My sons request a check of your blog frequently to see how Victoria is doing. They are 9 and 7 and understand this so much as they, too, are adopted. They rejoice with each gain of weight!

    Kris Bell