“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


......and we THANK YOU.

When it is still.
When it is quiet.
When the chaos calms.
When we look around.
When we see with our hearts.
When we breath deeply.

......We thank you.

It seems as though we have not really had a deep breath since our adoptions....
of Sophia
Then Joseph
And Ella
..and now we have been home for four months with Victoria.

We have had a steep learning curve.

Unexpected diagnosis.

Moebius Syndrome
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome
Institutional Autism.

Diagnosis were familiar with but with the added "bonus" of little medical care and little to no early childhood stimulation....
All of a sudden these familiar diagnosis/medical issues become a whole new ball game:

Down Syndrome
Failure to Thrive
Cleft Palate 
Tetralogy of Fallot
Limb Difference.

And through it all. When we have a chance to breath.
We Thank You.

Adoption is a long, difficult journey.
The expense of adoption is overwhelming.
Parenting all children is a constant test of wisdom, patience and faith.
Parenting children from hard places takes that to a whole new level.

And through it all. When the chaos calms.
We Thank you.

Every prayer.
Every unexpected gift.
Every donation.
Every kind word.
Every smile.
Every time you give Grace when we have failed.
Every moment you rejoice with us in the small victories.


Do you know?
Do you understand?
We truly could not have done this without you.

Please know that.
Many of you we have never met, will never know...yet you have literally changed our lives.

Look at these photos....and take a moment of PRIDE, because without YOU there would be no "THEM"


  1. Oh Lauren, this post is precious and I thank YOU, too, for your love and your encouragement and your family's amazing testimony to and for our Lord and Savior! Love you bunches!

  2. One need only look at those beautiful after pictures, knowing full well of the "before" & they can sincerely say "it was our pleasure!" The kids look AMAZING!

    1. Couldnt't have done it without you. No. Really.,not even kidding!

  3. It's a roller coaster, that's for sure. I've had my first child home for 5 years and only recently got another huge diagnosis.

    I'm familiar with Moebius, my friend adopted a child from China who was diagnosed with it after she got home. She's doing great and has learned sign language as well as how to speak with words.

    Ah, limb differences. There are so many variations. I have a daughter who was born with fused fingers and toes, another with atrophied lower legs. My friend's daughter with Moebius has a tiny hand that had fused fingers but surgery to separate her fingers was successful and her tiny hand works nearly as well as her bigger hand.

    It's a lot of work for parents. It's wreaks havoc on any social life. We spend most of our time in medical offices or doing therapy, but where would our kids be without us?

    Hang in there and know you aren't alone.

    1. Thank you K! Appreciate your support.

  4. I'm so very moved and feel called to be part of this in some way...

    1. I'd love love love to talk to you more! .....and encourage you.
      Please e mail me dadhorton@comcast.net.